Ben's Wagga Takes 2 Debut!

Ben Hinton is about to make his Wagga Takes 2 debut for Country Hope, a great local charity that supports local kids with serious illnesses and their families.

How are you feeling Ben?
"Semi anxious but comfortable that I am doing this for a good cause. My 4 minutes of discomfort will helps lots of other people who are in need, and a laugh for some as well!"

Ben is taking the stage with Bill's brother in law Anthony Melton, of Wobbly Boot, keeping it in the Active Foot Clinic family!

How are preparations going?
"Well we have practiced twice, but we'll be right."
(Don't worry Active Foot Clinic-ers, it turns out he can sing!) 

Ben we have all thoroughly enjoyed the fund raising process, (some of us a little too much), with a great ball at St Edwards of the Riverina and the beautiful Garden Party that you hosted.
What else do you have up your sleeve?!

For anyone who is or knows a golf lover we have a chartered golf trip for 6 people to Barnbougle.
This includes:
- A private plane chartered for 6 from Essendon Airport
- Car hire Wagga to Melbourne for 8
- 2 nights accommodation for 6
- 2 rounds of Golf for 6
- open date for use
So get a group of friends together as every cent raised from this trip goes to Country Hope as the whole weekend has been donated. This weekend has a reserve of $6500 and is sure to be enjoyed by a golf enthusiast and their friends. Please share this with someone you know who would enjoy a weekend like this. Please forward your bids to 0414659294.

Everyone get in and cheer Ben on and remember to put lots of $ in Ben's and all the other participants envelopes and if you can't make it to WT2, click here to donate. 

Cristy Houghton