Sore Feet

If you are suffering foot pain, limping out of bed with heel pain or arthritis or not performing on the sports field it is quite possible that we can help.

When you have poor foot posture your bones, tendons, ligaments and joints are strained with ever step you take. This strain can can cause  pain and injury and can result in arthritis in the long term.

By correcting the way your feet and body move we help to reduce pain, injury and inflammation in our patients. Improving your mechanics is the secret to being active without pain for the long term.

Active Foot Clinic Podiatrists have the expertise to accurately assess and diagnose your problem.  We can then recommend the most effective and treatment for your condition. Our treatments are non-invasive and aim for your body to heal itself.

At the Active Foot Clinic all of our Podiatrists have extra training in biomechanics and orthotics. 

We allow up to an hour for your biomechanical assessment for the same cost as a standard appointment.  We do this so that we can get to the bottom of your problem in just one appointment, saving you the hassle and expense of returning for a biomechanical assessment after your initial assessment.

Our appointments and orthotics are health fund rebateable on the spot and no referral is necessary.

Our facilities are state of the art, housing an in clinic gait lab with video treadmill gait analysis. This allows us to analyse your gait on a big screen frame by frame. We can then show you where your foot and leg mechanics are causing problems.  By the end of your appointment you too will understand what is causing your pain, and how we are going to get you better.

We follow you through your treatment to ensure that you get optimal results in the shortest time possible, ensuring that your comfort and symptoms are improving as planned.

No referral is necessary when you see an Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist. Regularly we see patients referred from GPs, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists. We can also refer for X-rays and ultrasounds where you can claim a Medicare rebate. 

We recommend that you bring a few pairs of shoes you regularly wear to your assessment so that we can assess them for support, cushioning, fit and wear.

If you are suffering with foot, ankle, knee or back pain or are concerned about your flat feet, growing pains, arthritis or a sports injury  book a biomechancial assessment today and walk without pain phone us or book online today! 

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Arthritis causing foot pain

Do you have arthritis in one or a number of your joints? Find out about how we treat arthritis.


Ball of foot pain

Limping out of bed in the morning? Walking barefoot causing pain? Not comfortable in shoes?



Worried about bunions? We can offer advice and treatment to help prevent and reduce pain.

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Hammer toes

We can treat your toes and advise of the most effective methods to reduce pressure on the joints.

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Arch pain

Allow us to put together a treatment plan to reduce your pain as quickly as possible.