Sore Ankles

Do you or someone you know suffering with ankle pain? Ankle problems can be debilitating and reduce your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Some of the more common causes of ankle pain that we regularly treat are:

Your podiatrist at the Active Foot Clinic has expertise in assessing and treating ankle conditions. At your appointment we will assess the ankle in detail, analyse your walking pattern and foot posture and order X-rays or an ultrasound if needed.

Your podiatrist can then make treatment recommendations appropriate to your condition to help you get back to your active pain free lifestyle.

Case Study: Relieving Helen's heel pain 

Helen wanted to be free of her ankle pain and stop her ankle from swelling. She felt that she was walking unevenly and trowing her foot out and knew that she wasn't walking as well as she used to. She felt that if she didn't do something about it then it would get worse as she got older and she would end up with a limp. Even though a referral wasn't required she was referred by a health professional, who also happens to be a patient of ours, to see us. Helen also mentioned that we see half of her family. 

Helen wanted to exercise more. After a detailed, thorough assessment both Helen and her podiatrist developed a treatment plan together. Since we started treatment Helen's ankle pain has resolved, swelling has subsided and she is walking more and enjoying exercising. Additionally her back pain which used to twinge has not twinged since starting treatment. 

By having treatment she is able to keep active and healthy. 

If you would like your ankle pain assessed, make an appointment with an Active Foot Clinic podiatrist today so that you can Walk Without Pain