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Here at Active Foot Clinic, we go the extra mile and are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best care for your feet to keep you active and healthy through life.

Within 7 days of your appointment, if you have any questions, worries, little niggles or concerns, or if you just missed a little bit of important information or would like a second opinion with one of our other podiatrists, then please make sure you give us a call.

We are happy to talk with you or see you at no charge so that we know you are getting the best of care. *Please note, the guarantee does not cover scheduled appointments.


Case Study

Jackie finds heel relief after suffering for two years

Jackie had serious heel pain for 2 years. She couldn't get her foot flat on the floor. Her pain was causing her to walk differently and she was starting to have pain up her calf and shins. She was worried that her heel pain was never going to get better. She had sought treatment elsewhere having physio, massage, chiro and strapping. The treatments were often painful and nothing was truly fixing the problem.


Case Study

Robyn now has confidence for people to see her toenails

Robyn had been concerned for some time about her discoloured, nasty looking nails. She was concerned that she wouldn't find anyone local who could treat her problem and was horrified to see her nails in such a state. With our fungal nail laser therapy her nails were looking much better in a short space of time, giving her the confidence to wear open toed shoes again. Prior to the treatment Robyn was not confident to wear open toed shoes without nail polish. We are happy to say that Robyn is delighted with the improvement.


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These 10 minute appointments include a brief assessment of your feet including recommendations about whether it is a concern warranting further podiatry assessment. If further assessment is recommended you then have the option to book an appointment for a more detailed assessment and treatment.


We want you to love your shoes as much as we do!

Our shoes have been selected by our podiatrists for style & comfort and come with our 30 day comfort guarantee and are fitted by our friendly Shoe Fit Experts to ensure you find your perfect match for all day comfort.