Flat Feet

Think you might have flat feet? Not sure if you should be concerned? Flat feet can be very problematic for both children and adults. 

Many people don't realise they have flat feet. Problems which can be caused by flat feet include:

  • Collapsing of the arch-osteoarthritis in the feet and ankles

  • tendonitis or tendon rupture

  • foot pain and injuries

  • back pain

There are too many painful foot conditions to completely list here!

Flat feet can be cause for concern even if you are not currently having pain. It is also not always considered normal for children to have flat feet. If you have or suspect you might have flat feet it is a good idea to see a Podiatrist.

At your appointment our podiatrist will take a thorough history, including your family foot history as flat feet are often inherited. We will assess your joints and muscles, assess your posture and walking pattern and advise you on appropriate treatment to help keep you active for life.

If you or someone you know is suffering with flat feet, make an appointment today so that we can help to keep you active for life.