How can we help?


Sore Feet

If you are suffering foot pain, limping out of bed with heel pain or arthritis or not performing on the sports field it is quite possible that we can help.


Sore Heels & Plantar Fasciitis

Have you been suffering with heel pain? Heel pain is one of the most common conditions our highly skilled Podiatrists treat at the Active Foot Clinic.


Sore Ankles

Do you or someone you know suffering with ankle pain? Ankle problems can be debilitating and reduce your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle.


Sore Knees & Shins

Do you suffer with knee or shin pain? Our podiatrists regularly treat knee and shin pain, as poor foot posture affects the movements which occur within your legs.


Back Pain

Did you know that back pain can be caused by poor foot posture? Back problems can be debilitating and reduce your ability to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.


Kids Feet

A child’s foot is not simply a mini version of our adult feet. Rather it is a complex structure of bones, ligaments and muscles under rapid development.


Postural Concerns

Flat feet can be very problematic for both children and adults and many people don't realise that they have flat feet at all.


Skin & Nail Problems

Smelly feet, corns and callus, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, tinea and dry skin as well as plantar warts are just some of the conditions we treat.


Fungal Nail Laser

Love attractive, healthy nails this summer? The latest technology in fungal nails has arrived at Active Foot Clinic and we are excited!


Diabetes & Your Feet

People with diabetes are particularly prone to foot problems. The great thing is, most of these problems are preventable with our podiatrists care.


How we fix feet, ankles and knees

All of our clinicians have expertise in management of the foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip back and lower limb.


Shoes you’ll want to wear

We want you to love your shoes as much as we do! Our shoes have been selected by our podiatrists for style & comfort from the best brands.