How we fix feet, ankles and knees

How we fix you

All of our clinicians have expertise in management of the foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip back and lower limb. Below is how we get our patients results.

We get right to the cause of your foot, ankle, knee hip or back problem. How? We get you to show us exactly where you are experiencing problems and ask you lots of questions around your pain, history of pain and relevant medical history.

With palpation we work out exactly which structure is affected. We assess your muscles, tendons, bone, nerves, ligaments and joints in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back.

We also assess your foot, ankle, knee, hip and back posture and function when you are standing, walking and running utilising our video treadmill gait analysis system. This enables us to understand the forces and load being placed on your lower limb structures that all too often cause our patients pain. This also gives us insight into what we need to do to offload your structures so that your body can do what it does best- repair itself. Our job is to keep you active, mobile and pain free while your body does this, and for the long term.

What to bring: Please bring any past imaging to your appointment. If required we can arrange X-rays and ultrasounds with medicare rebate and MRI. We also ask that you bring a few pairs of shoes that you regularly wear so that we can assess them for you plus any old orthotics and insoles.

Once your assessment is complete we explain your diagnosis in a way that you can understand, we then make a plan together on what we need to do to fix you whilst keeping you active doing the things that you love. For the majority or our patients we can start treatment and relieve pain right away in that appointment.

We allow up to an hour for this initial appointment with just a standard initial appointment fee. We include gait analysis and the biomechanical assessment as complimentary additions to your appointment. If there are ever any additional fees for treatment in addition to your appointment our podiatrists will always discuss these with you and obtain approval before proceeding.

Our appointment comes with a happiness guarantee

No referral is needed, all you need to do is call us or book your appointment on the link at the bottom of this page.

How we get results

We carefully select the most appropriate evidence based therapies to get you results in the shortest time possible. We follow you through until your condition is fully resolved. We select from a combination of the most effective:

  • Stretching/strengthening/rehabilitation exercises

  • Orthotics that come with a symptom improvement guarantee.

  • Footwear All shoes from our in clinic shoe store have been selected for by our podiatrists for style, fit and function and come with a 30 day comfort guarantee

  • Dolorclast Therapy - for pain relief and to stimulate healing

  • Laser therapy- for pain relief and to stimulate healing

  • Moon Boot prescription and fitting, ankle braces, splints, AFO, taping

  • Massage, dry needling, trigger point therapy, mobilisation.

  • Walking and running retraining and return to exercise programs

We would consider it an honour and privilege to help you. Please call us with any questions, alternatively book online below.