Your First Appointment with us

We will greet you with a warm, friendly smile. Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first appointment to fill in our patient information form to ensure we provide the best of care.

Skin & Nail Concerns

In your initial general treatment your podiatrist will assess your skin and nails, let you know of your treatment options and will generally be able to treat your concerns on the day managing your

  • Nail care including ingrown toenails

  • Callus, Corn and Cracked heel care and smoothing

  • If your Podiatrist detects any additional conditions such as diabetes, tinea, nail fungus or plantar warts that need discussing your podiatrist will recommend the best product, treatment or service to ensure you the healthiest results.

  • All instruments used are medically sterile to ensure you the safest of care

  • Oh yes and the we nearly missed what our patients call “the best part”, we rub foot smoothing cream into your feet at the end of every treatment!

Foot Pain & Postural Concerns

Allow up to an hour for us to get right to the true cause of your problem and with you we formulate a plan on what we need to do to find your solution.

In your initial appointment we assess your muscles, joints, bones, nerves and ligaments in your feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips and back. We also analyse your posture while you are standing, walking and running if relevant. Please bring shorts/loose fitting pants to this appointment any past orthotics or insoles and the 3 main pairs of shoes that your regularly wear.

If imaging is required your podiatrist will arrange this with Medicare rebate. Please bring any prior imaging.

Referrals are not required to see us and all of our appointments are covered by our 7 day happiness guarantee (hyperlink)