Skin & Nail Problems

Smelly feet, corns and callus, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, tinea and dry skin as well as plantar warts are just some of the conditions we treat.


Smelly feet

This could be a bacterial infection called bromidrosis, learn how we can treat your feet.


Corns & callus

Our podiatrists can safely remove the corns or callus, as well as assess the cause to prevent their return.

ingrown toenail.jpg

Ingrown toenails

Treatment is simple, generally pain free and can be performed in our rooms.


Ingrown toenail surgery

Surgery is a permanent solution to resolve ingrown toenail trouble for good.


Fungal nails

We can advise you on the best treatment options, how to prevent re-infection and stop the infection spreading to your family.


Tinea & dry skin

A common fungal infection that you may have and not even realise we can provide advice on the best tinea treatments.

plantar warts.jpg

Plantar warts

Usually have a callus over the top of them, making them harder to treat effectively with over the counter wart treatments.