Case Study: Around Australia with Kath's pain free feet!

Kath* is a 57 year old retiree and has been happily living for 2 years as a grey nomad with her husband. Whilst travelling around Australia she developed heel pain and it was stopping her from really enjoying her long awaited adventures. She had been enjoying hiking and trail walks but reported that her heel pain started in July 2014 during one of her walks and she wasn't able to get rid of it no matter what she did.

During a stopover in the Riverina she came to Active Foot Clinic in April this year. She reported ongoing heel pain that would not let up. Before seeing us, Kath tried multiple treatments from podiatrists, physiotherapists and GPs including strapping, orthotics, anti-inflammatories, massage, ultrasound treatment and anti-inflammatories again.

Kath had a consultation with Matthew, one of Active Foot Clinic's podiatrists and he found that she had plantar fasciitis. Matt recommended custom moulded orthotics specific for her plantar fasciitis, fitted strapping and emphasised the importance of supportive footwear. She experienced better comfort and slight improvement in the first two weeks, and 6 weeks later she emailed us to report she was pain free. She was able to not only enjoy travelling but experience things she would not have otherwise been able to do had her heel pain kept up.

"As long as I have the orthotics in my shoes, I can now do anything." She says. "We recently climbed a very steep and rocky mountain in Kakadu National Park and I did it with ease. There was the reward of beautiful waterholes to swim in at the top and I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

Kath's life was back to normal, she's now doing lots of walking and climbing has even lost a bit of weight! She found the orthotics comfortable, was pleased with her initial progress and overall thrilled with the results!

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*name changed for privacy reasons

Cristy Houghton