PLANTAR WART? Revolutionary NEW treatment YOU will LOVE!

PLANTAR WARTs- you probably have a  childhood horror story! Burning, freezing, PAIN, acid treatments, persistence, lots of appointments and expense – not much fun!

To tell you the truth as podiatrists we haven’t liked treating them much either- no one likes their patient having a painful unreliable treatment- HOWEVER THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

NOW WE LOVE TREATING WARTS and we are excited! We have just introduced a  NEW treatment that enables us to get rid of warts with minimal discomfort and fast results. This new treatment is also safer than most other treatments.

The beauty of this new treatment is that it is very specific to the wart. There is minimal damage to the surrounding skin, minimising scarring unlike other treatments. When compared to other treatments, pain and discomfort is minimal and what is most amazing is that most people need only 1-2 applications!! So this NEW treatment is more reliable and safe and IT WORKS!

What is it? Cantharadine. Cantharadine has been around for thousands of years, however until recently it has not been used for wart treatments- but it does wonders on warts.

How does it work and why do are other treatments unreliable? Cantharadine when applied carefully in a specific area causes blistering to skin containing the wart virus, separating the wart infected skin from the surrounding healthy skin. This is where the beauty lies - as ineffective treatments don’t get all of the wart infected skin leaving the wart to regrow. Treatments that are too aggressive affect the healthy skin causing pain and leaving scarring. This is a problem on the bottom of the foot, potentially causing more problems than the wart in the first place.

Why do you want to get rid of a wart? Warts are infectious to yourself and to others, can grow and spread and can become quite painful.

Why have warts been so hard to treat until now? The wart infected tissue delves deep into the layers of the healthy skin tissue so it is very hard to get treatment to the infected tissue without damaging the healthy tissue and causing further problems like scarring.  

Why does Cantharadine do so well? Cantharadine separates the wart infected tissue away from the healthy tissue with minimal damage to the healthy tissue. This means faster treatments, less pain, less expense and better results.

How do I get treatment?  All of our clinics in the Riverina have this treatment available and all of our clinicians are trained using cantharadine. We are the first podiatry clinic in the region to bring this revolutionary treatment to you. No referral is necessary, just give us a call at a clinic near you and we will book you in to discuss if this treatment is right for you.

Our Podiatrists have already helped 16 000 people through the region- they really know their stuff!

Your consultations are health fund rebateable and no referral is required to see our podiatrists.

To rid your family of dreaded plantar warts contact us today!         

Cristy Houghton