Marie Hope, Senior Podiatrist & Shoe Expert

Hailing from the city of churches, Marie attained her Bachelor of Podiatry from the University of South Australia. Over the 13 years she has been practising podiatry, Marie has gained experience in a wide variety of podiatry settings ranging from high risk/diabetic foot focussed departments of public hospitals to private clinics.

In 2015, Marie moved to Wagga Wagga with her now husband Matt, and also has some immediate family living locally. Marie is heavily involved in the MCUE football/netball club, reflecting that this is where she has gained the most comprehensive insight into regional living and the wonderful people that make the community so special. 

Marie always had a keen interest in sport and helping people. Having experienced a lot of sporting injuries herself, and many sport injuries are lower limb related, she enjoys the opportunity being a podiatrist affords her to help others with similar afflictions. She takes great pleasure in helping athletes get back to their sports as soon as safely possible.

Her passion for helping others transfers to helping kids. “I hate to see kids having to sit on the side lines and not get involved because of a problem that is treatable.” says Marie.

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