5 secrets to having smooth feet all summer long

Are your feet dry and cracked? Ashamed to show your feet and heels in public? Is your dry skin catching on the sheets? It’s not a great look to have cracked skin on your feet and it certainly doesn’t feet good. Luckily our podiatrists have some top tips for you and foot smoothing appointments that will help keep the skin on your feet silky smooth all summer long!

1. Get a good quality foot file. Steer clear of the grater style foot files as they drag the skin and damage it. Instead, aim for a fine sandpaper foot file and remember blades for your feet are not safe unless sterile and used by a qualified podiatrist.  

2. Foot balm. It sounds like a luxury but applying foot balm daily after your podiatry foot smoothing appointment really will help to keep your feet soft and smooth! Look for one with a high urea level and use it regularly, the urea will help to break down dead skin cells and leave your feet feeling smoother and renewed. The heel balms we recommend are available for purchase in clinic.

3. Avoid long foot soaks, this dries out your feet too much (which is the opposite of what you want to achieve!). Long foot soaks also wash away important oils on your skin which are there to keep the skin on your feet healthy.

4. Don’t let anyone push back your cuticles. This puts you at risk of bacterial and fungal infections leaving your cuticle area looking puffy, inflamed and less healthy. Your cuticles are there for a reason- to protect you from these nasties!

5. For year round smooth feet get in for a foot smoothing appointment by a qualified podiatrist at Active Foot Clinic. You will be amazed at what we can achieve for your feet safely with our specialised equipment in just minutes.

We are sure that after your appointment you will love your new luxuriously smooth feet! No more catching on the sheets or hiding your feet in sweaty shoes over summer. Break out the sandals! 

Are smoothing appointments like pedicures? 
No, our regular smoothing treatments are not the same as a pedicure, they are like a more thorough, safer and healthier pedicure. 

  • Our podiatrists are university trained clinicians ensuring your feet stay as healthy as possible.

  • Our treatments are the safest available as we have the highest of hygiene standards. Our instruments have been through a 12 stage sterilisation process so you won’t be catching germs from anyone else.

  • Treatments are claimable on your health fund and take place in our brand new, private treatment rooms where you’ll get a one on one consultation with our qualified clinicians so that you can ask any other foot and leg health questions for you and your family.

If you want smooth feet this summer call us today! You can claim a health fund rebate on all of our appointments so make the most of your health cover now and book in!

And of course our recommended foot smoothing files and heel balms are available to buy in reception at our Wagga Wagga clinic, just drop in, book online or call us for your appointment and get smooth feet safely! 

Cristy Houghton