Case study: Kev gets back on track with AFC

Kev* started the New Year with a bang. It was time for the gut to go. He made a point of getting active on weekends by jogging and he joined a gym- he even gave up the grog!

He was doing great and lost a few kilos to begin with, but then the wheels began to fall off. Kev started to get foot pain. It wasn’t too bad to begin with and he continued to push through the pain, but finally it hurt so much that he was limping out of bed in the mornings and every work-out the pain just got worse and worse.  

After a few weeks of just ‘pushing through’ he decided it just wasn’t worth it. The fitness kick was over and the weight piled back on. “I couldn’t believe all that hard work came undone because of my foot pain.” Kev says.  

Kev ran into one of his old footy mates who told him how the Active Foot Clinic had fixed his foot problems and suggested he give them a go. He said that they had spent a whole hour with him at his first appointment. ‘They went through everything, from the way I walked and the way I was standing to the shoes I was wearing. They even explained why I was getting knee and back pain.”

Kev decided that it might not be too late to get back on the horse so he called Active Foot Clinic and found that he had a similar experience. He was amazed at how many of his other aches and pains were linked to the mechanics of his feet.

The Active Foot Clinic podiatrist Kev saw prescribed a treatment specific to his problems and thanks to this personalised treatment Kev was soon back in action. He has a new lease on life and can now be found back at the gym and jogging every week (and still having the occasional well-earned beer!) Well done Kev! 

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! If foot pain is holding you back give us a call today and let us help get you back on track!

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*Name changed for privacy reasons

Cristy Houghton