Know your knee pain!

Do you suffer with knee pain?  Did you know that your foot posture and how you walk actually effect the movements in your knees?

A good way to show how your foot posture can be related to knee pain is to stand up and place your finger on your knee cap then flatten your foot arch, you will see your knee cap (and finger) rotate substantially. This rotation can stop the knee cap from tracking and gliding smoothly, resulting in grinding and clicking, pain and eventually arthritis. High arched feet and flat feet also place different pressures deep inside the joint causing pain and inflammation due to uneven wear in the joint, which can also result in arthritis.

Our podiatrists at Active Foot Clinic have the expertise to treat conditions of the knee when they are related to poor foot function. By balancing the foot pressure rotations can be reduced and good knee function preserved and generally a reduction in pain occurs- so you can get on with life! If you have been having knee pain that just won’t go away come in for a thorough assessment, we may just have the treatment for you!

Knee pain in teenagers and children
Sometimes children or teenagers experience pain in the front of the knee and is called patella-femoral join dysfunction. It sounds scary, but this is actually where the knee cap is out of alignment which causes pain and clicking. It’s actually common in teenager girls. Poor foot posture, poor leg alignment or a bad walking or running style are just some of the causes. Luckily there are ways to fix this problem. First we can assist in improving the running and walking style, improving the foot and leg alignment and prescribing some particular stretches and exercises. For more information on your child foot problem read our foot and leg checklist.

In our experience we've had good results with these kinds of treatments and they might just do the trick for you, so give us a call today and find out how you and the kids can walk and run without pain!

At your appointment our podiatrist will take a thorough history, assess your joints and muscles, assess your posture and walking pattern and advise you on the appropriate treatment. You don’t need a referral to see us and your appointment is claimable through your health fund! 

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Cristy Houghton