Case study: Getting Robyn back on her feet

Robyn* had been limping out of bed for more than 3 months. If she sat down for any period of time she hobbled out of the chair, likewise if she was on her feet for a long time her feet would ache in pain. Life was becoming a chore. Her pain started extending into her legs and knees and soon walking anywhere was a real effort.

She didn't want to be a whinger, however she was at the point where she needed to do something about it. A friend that she used to play golf with said it sounded like heel spurs and she should have cortisone injections. That sounded very painful and she was concerned that she would have to undergo that kind of treatment.

She was then talking to another friend who said they saw an Active Foot Clinic podiatrist who fixed her heel pain using orthotics.

Robyn made an appointment at The Active Foot Clinic and her podiatrist told her that for most people cortisone does not fix the tear in the injured structure. It generally just stops the inflammation for a while and the pain tends to return after the treatment. This is because the injury has not had a chance to heal.

Her podiatrist taught her a lot about her heel pain and she learnt that she was straining her injury with every step she took. She discovered that Active Foot Clinic have a special orthotic design just for heel pain. It rests the plantar fascial structure in your heel even while you walk. They also have a new therapy machine, which until now was only available in big cities. It not only provides instant pain relief, it also helps to speed up the healing process.

After treatment, Robyn was very pleased with the results. She was prescribed orthotics, they were slim, comfy and could easily fit into her shoes. They came with a symptom improvement guarantee and she was soon back walking and playing golf.

Sound familiar? If you or someone you know is limping with heel pain call us today and let us get you back to your pain free active lifestyle. 

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*Name changed for privacy reasons

Cristy Houghton