Case study: Putting an end to foot pain with proven treatments

Leanne* had suffered heel pain for 5 long years when she came to us. She was in pain every day and had tried everything, including different exercises, strapping, orthotics, arch supports, massage, different shoes, even cortisone injections and acupuncture! She was sick of her feet giving her so much grief.

Ten different health professionals had tried to help Leanne. She had X-rays, an MRI and blood tests, and after spending over $5000 she still had sore feet!

Leanne came to Active Foot Clinic thinking no one could fix her pain, she started to think it was something that she just had to live with. She was struggling and dealing with daily pain meant life became exhausting.

However, though Leanne had received many treatments before after seeing our podiatrists 90% of Leanne’s symptoms were relieved in just 6 weeks!

How? Leanne booked in to see us, we assessed her thoroughly and listened to her whole story. None of the treatments Leanne had tried had successfully rested the plantar fascia so that her body could heal it properly. She was prescribed a treatment that was specific for her condition and was given custom made orthotics. Leanne said she couldn't believe the difference in our orthotics. She felt better straight away. The orthotics were lighter and designed to be comfortable in the unique arch of her foot. She could stand without pain and was comfortable while wearing her new orthotics for the first time ever.

The whole approach to her condition was different which meant she was able to find relief and a minor tweak at her review appointment gave her even more relief. Leanne was also supported by our fitting staff to find a pair of shoes which were truly comfortable for her. (See a selection of our shoes on our 'shoes with comfort' pages)

Pain stories like Leanne’s are really common, but here at the Active Foot Clinic we love nothing more than a challenge AND giving our patients relief from years of pain! If you are suffering heel, foot, ankle, shin or knee pain don’t just ‘live with it’ see us FIRST and walk, work, run & play without pain today!

Find your relief NOW and contact us today! Phone 6925 8637 or click the book now button below. You don’t need a referral to see us and we do health fund rebates on the spot.

Cristy Houghton