Child Suffering? Should they stop sport? your answers HERE

Growing pains or sore feet, ankles, knees?

Should your child stop sport?

We regularly see parents who are in great turmoil. They have been watching their child limp off the sports field for weeks. They are rubbing their child’s feet and  legs after sport as they cry. They watch their child hobble to avoid the pain. They have often heard on the sidelines or in the doctors rooms- don’t worry they are just growing pains- they’ll grow out of it- but that doesn’t help what is happening NOW. Clearly your child is suffering and struggling just to participate. Should they be playing? Are they doing damage? Are they going to miss the season? And still everything you have tried  has only helped a bit. What are you going to do?

These are all really legitimate concerns.

You want them to keep active and playing sport with their friends. You don’t want to be doing damage for the long term. You don’t want to watch your child suffer and you want to know how to get them pain free, active and enjoying their sport to their full potential.


Step 1 See the right people the first time to find out exactly what is wrong.

See the right people. We see a lot of kids in this situation. Our podiatrists have additional training, expertise and experience in getting to the bottom of kids foot, ankle and knee concerns. They allow up to an hour to assess your child standing, walking, running, their posture, their painful areas, their muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and nerves. Together with you and your child they can formulate a solution to get them active and pain free.  Our podiatrists have experience finding relief for kids with growing pains, Severs Disease, Osgood Schlatters, stress fracture and flat feet, getting them pain free and active again. If required they will order X-rays or ultrasound with medicare rebate. Your childs health is in the best hands with 4 year qualified podiatrists- and we are health fund rebatable and we make it easy for you as no referral is required to see us.  

Step 2 Know that there is a solution to relieve their pain- you just likely haven’t’ found it yet.

It is common for us to see kids who have been suffering for a long time unnecessarily. It is not normal for kids to have pain. It is rare that we can’t help a child to find full relief and help to get them pain free and active again.

Step 3 Know that with the right treatment kids get better QUICK!

Kids are amazing. We rarely have to tell kids they need to miss sport. When kids have the right treatment they respond really quickly. If they are struggling along without enough relief there is likely more we can do to help your child.

So yes they should be playing, we can relieve pain and prevent long term damage, they are likely not going to need to miss the season if you get the right advice and their pains are legitimate- they should not be ignored

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If you are concerned about your child and and wan to see if your child needs our help you can get access to a FREE FOOT SCREENING  (3-10 minutes) with our qualified podiatrist to see if we are concerned or can help. Please note that you will need to BE QUICK as NUMBERS ARE LIMITED. THIS WEEK ONLY (please mention free foot screening when registering). REGISTER HERE.

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We help kids with growing pains every day. Our Podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic have a keen interest and extra training in helping children with growing pains.

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Cristy Houghton