Child With SORE FEET? Why is your child suffering?

CHILD with SORE FEET? Why are the suffering?

Why would your  healthy active child be limping?

It is distressing to watch your child limping or struggling to participate in sport. We know that you want to keep your child active, happy and pain free. In the following few paragraphs we are going to show you why your child really doesn’t have to put up with pain and how to find the solution to their suffering. The reality is that kids feet  are different to ours. They are soft, pliable and not fully matured until young adulthood. They come with their own set of problems which we are helping every day.

So what are the common problems your child could be suffering with?

Flat Feet can place strain on feet, ankles, knees, shins and backs. Even Long term joints can suffer causing arthritis and pain. Flat feet can be passed down in families. Lots of parents don’t know that their child has flat feet. The great news is that we can prevent many problems caused by flat feet.

Walking problems like pigeon toes, duck feet, knocked knees and bowed legs can all cause foot, ankle, knee, hip and back postural problems and pain now or in the future. These problems can often be corrected quite simply with the right advice.

Growing pains are really worthwhile getting checked out properly by clinicians who see kids with growing pains every day.  Often dismissed by well meaning health carers as “just growing pains- and they’ll grow out of it”. often kids suffer for long periods unnecessarily, stopping them from participating in sport and enjoying life. if growing pains are a problem for your child pain can be relieved in 98% of cases when the right treatment is used. Growing pains come with their own set of problems which you will find we have the skills to identify and treat effectively. It is important that growing pains are addressed for your child by clinicians who have skills in this area.

Family history of foot problems? if your family has terrible feet ankles or knees, its worth getting your child’s feet checked so that we can work towards presenting these problems in your child.

Ingrown toenails and Warts- and of course we also find solutions for these inconvenient and potentially painful problems too!

The key message here is PAIN in kids is not “normal” or necessary. They often suffer pain as a result of their unique situation, however in 98% of cases you don’t need for them to put up with it. There is a solution.

How do we find out what is wrong? We believe in getting to the bottom of the problem. Our podiatrists are all 4 year tertiary trained qualified and nationally registered. Our Podiatrists all undergo additional training in the area of managing foot and lower limb pain and postural concerns in both kids and adults when they join the Active Foot Clinic.

Our Podiatrists They will allow a full hour to get right to the bottom of your child's problem.  They will take a thorough history, assess your childs painful areas, work out exactly what is going on and why and how they are going to get your child pain free and active again. They will look at your child walking and running and their foot and leg posture and footwear. X-rays and ultrasounds can also be ordered by our clinicians’ with medicare rebate. This 1 hour appointment  costs just $75 and health fund rebates are available.

Find more information on how we treat kids here.

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Cristy Houghton