Child suffering with Growing Pains?

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Growing pains are a common topic for conversations between concerned parents.

The cause of growing pains can be varied, the following are the key causes:

Growth plate problems such as Severs Disease, Osgood Schlatters disease and other osteochondroses which can be very debilitating however not dangerous. The good thing is that these conditions respond very well to treatment by your podiatrist and are regularly treated in all of our clinics.

Increased activity  strenuous running, jumping and sports can result in muscle tiredness and foot and leg pain and inflammation.

Poor foot and leg posture children with flat feet (over pronation) can place more stress on their feet and legs and can be more prone to suffering with growing pains.

Tight muscles as children grow tight muscles often place more stress on tendons, bones and joints and can contribute to more generalised pain.

Joint hypermobility when your childs joints move more than most due to stretchy ligaments and joint capsules muscles have to work harder and structures can be stressed and strained when muscles get tired.

How is this condition treated?
Firstly we establish he cause of your childs pain. During this process our Podiatrists in Wagga and surrounds, Albury and Wodonga have training to rule out any other possible conditions such as arthritis, infection or lesions of concern by ordering X-rays and imaging (with medicare rebate) and  thorough questioning.

Once your childs diagnosis is established we implement an effective treatment plan. Kids with growing pains respond very well to treatment. Some examples of treatment include:

  • Therapeutic massage of the affected areas

  • Address foot and leg mechanics if it is a contributing factor. 

  • If your child has poor foot posture, tight muscles or joint hypermobility they are more prone to getting generalised, over use leg pains and respond very well to treatment.

  • A child specific stretching program as prescribed by your podiatrist.

  • Customised orthotic to improve biomechanics

It is important to have your child's growing pains assessed and not just dismiss their concerns telling them that they will grow out of them.  Their concerns may settle as their growth settles however if they have mechanical concerns (which our podiatrists have skills in assessing ) these mechanical concerns can give them problems later down the track. Every child with pain should be assessed to enhance their long term foot health.

It is very rewarding for us as podiatrists to treat kids with growing pains and they tend to respond beautifully to treatment. Don't let your child suffer from growing pains when it can be managed successfully.

All of our podiatrists in Wagga and Surrounds as well as our Podiatrists in Albury and Wodonga have skills in assessing and effectively relieving growing pains and initial assessments for your child's growing pains are half price this week, saving you $41.

Cristy Houghton