Joe Burgess, Podiatrist

Joe has a passion for healthcare, and felt podiatry was a field where he could help people with fast results. Joe says, “Helping people walk or run and remain active has a profound impact on their life.”

Joe has always lived in Wagga and loves it. He says this city strikes a balance between the connectedness of a smaller town and the liveliness of a bigger city.  

Joe is involved with a local church in Wagga, helping building up the young adults’ community so they can build friendships with each other and help the community. Joe loves spending his spare time with his wife and daughter, going to church each week and regularly working out at the gym. 

Joe is a great listener who understands and builds rapport with his patients. He enjoys seeing familiar patients and ensuring they have continued care for healthy legs and feet. “I love helping others stay active and empowered through education and treatment of foot and leg conditions,” Joe says. Joe’s clear communication and the encouragement he provides helps him to work alongside patients to tackle their problems.

“Foot pain affects every aspect of your life. Pain can stop people from achieving sporting ambitions, accessing gentle exercise or simply keeping up with their children. Just being able to handle a busy working week is a real challenge which you are in pain. If your feet or legs are in pain it is hard to focus on anything else.”

So don’t wait, make an appointment to see Joe today.